Holy Land Lapis Lazuli Inlay Silver Cross Necklace Set #1
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Necklace Sets
Holy Land Artifacts
The pendant in this necklace is from one of the world's most historical locations - the Holy Land.  It is a silver cross with lapis lazuli inlay and dating from the 19th century.  The cross, a sacred emblem of the Christian faith and a symbol of redemption signifying Christ's death on the cross for man's sins, goes back at least as far as the 100's AD.  It is adorned with lapis, the metamorphosed form of limestone, rich in the blue mineral lazulite, a complex feldspathoid that is dark blue in color and often flecked with impurities of calcite, iron pyrites or gold.  The necklace measures 22 inches and the cross is almost 2 inches long.  The balance of the necklace is also lapis lazuli and faceted hematite beads.  All findings are sterling silver.  The set consists of the necklace along with matching bracelet and earrings.


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